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St. Petersburg Entrepreneurs Club is a Member of International Association of Entrepreneurs' Clubs

International Association of Entrepreneurs' Clubs was formed in 2006 and united

5 Clubs representing Central region of Russia, North-West, Siberia, Ukraine.

In 2007 Clubs more Entrepreneurs Clubs joined Association.

Currently Association operates in 8 cities, representing three countries: Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia

Russia: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Ulyanovsk-Dimitrovograd,

Ukraine: Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkov

Bielorussia: Molodechno

Nowadays Association is a network of:

250 members

More than 50 businesses

8 Internet portals

8 electronic infoletters

1 newspaper

More than 30 000 subscribers

Goals of Association

To unite entrepreneurs Clubs in Russia and CIS

To support small business

To unite businessmen with active position

To join clubs resources

To facilitate business development of its members

To facilitate free knowledge and information exchange

To apply new approaches in business

Non-governmental Establishment

St. Petersburg Entrepreneurs Club

St. Petersburg Entrepreneurs Club, the oldest Club in Association was founded in 2002

President Sergei Sidorenko

Club mission is unity and partnership of people with active position in life and pure thoughts for creation and its development their own business for well-being and prosperity of the society

Club slogan Mind the Goal

Club Format

Free weekly meetings of people with active life position

Support of starting companies

Support of youth business initiatives

Support of healthy business ideas

Contact exchange

Ideas and resources exchange

Group consultations - brainstorms

Unique business projects

Educational projects for entrepreneurs

International projects

Investment opportunities

Regular Club network meetings take place on a weekly basis

on Wednesdays, 18.00-20.00

Club departments




Busines Development


Youth Club

Club Board Council

Sergei Sidorenko Club President

Stanislav Kramnik - Internet Department Leader

Juliana Bortsova - NGO and Fundraising Department Leader

Denis Markov Youth Club leader

Olga Galik Project Leader

Roman Dolmatov Business Development Leader

Alexei Ignatkovich PR and Promotion Leader

Paulina Gousseva Head of International Development


Leader: Stanislav Kramnik


Free and easy communication between Club members by means of Forum opportunities

Joint resource and information base for all Clubs of Association in different

cities (2007)

Joint resource base for International opportunities for Club members (2007)

Youth Club

Leader: Denis Markov

Fabric of ideas of young people

Opportunities to study and business practice

Support by experienced businessmen


Young people open companies and develop their businesses. For instance, the first Club business project was the organization of popular Vatrushka sledge rent for sledging down the natural and artificial hills. Company goals and mission:

To help children, youth and their parents to get quality out-door activities: through fun to personal development

Youth Club: TOP-100 project

Meeting on a regular basis with some of Top 100 businessmen of st. Petersburg according to Delovoi Petersburg newspaper rating.

Denis Kotov the owner of the biggest bookstore chain Bukvoed in St. Petersburg

Meeting with governmental officials on small business city policy issues.

Sergei Fedorov

The Head of City Administration on Small Business

PR department

Leader: Alexey Ignatkovich

Goal: to promote St. Petersburg Entrepreneur Club among business community

Results: Club meetings are announced and featured in major business city editions Delovoi Petersburg, Delovaya nedelya (33 000 copies weekly).

Regular publications about Club events are reviewed in newspapers, internet-editions and in TV news and programs.

Press events:


Image of St. Petersburg in Souvenir and Gifts

The idea is show the variety of souvenirs reflecting image of the city: starting from soil and air of St. Petersburg and finishing with VIP gifts to country presidents.

Business Take-off e companies to improve sales results.

Example: press-trip to Vuoksa Islands (promotion of a company on active tourism aimed at increasing its sales results).

International Department

Leader: Paulina Gousseva

Goal: is to establish fruitful cooperation between the Club and International organizations in St. Petersburg and worldwide.

Development of Club international opportunities.

Linking Club business Community to the business community of other countries

Realization of International projects with Entrepreneurial organizations from other countries.

Current International Projects:

International Consulting

Senior experts from Netherlands PUM organization come to consult small companies in St. Petersburg from the Club starting from September 2006

International Seminars

Inviting to St. Petersburg International Business-gurus and business-trainers for seminars.

The first seminar on Guerilla Marketing in St. Petersburg will be held in April 2007.

Alexander Levitas

business trainer and business consultant from Israel

International Business Study

President of Center of Civil Initiatives - Sharon Tenisson was the Club guest in 2005.


members of the Club became participants of CCI study tours to the USA afterwards in 2006 and 2007.

English Language Courses

Language Studio was invited in July 2006.

Result: a group of 6 Club members started to learn English on a permanent basis.

Next project: English communication Club.

Business exchange programs

November 10-12, 2007. First International business programme to Finland and Sweden.

Business meetings with Scandinavian entrepreneurs.

Club projects:

Investment Forum

Takes Place twice a year on a permanent basis since November 2006. . Currently the are very few business-grounds where ideas and capital meet for small business.

Helps to link healthy business ideas and financial recourses.

Club provides business-consultants to evaluate ideas and turn them into business plan to introduce to potential investors. Investment Forum project is especially valuable to young people of 25-30 years.

Successful and Young

Program of support and development of youth entrepreneurship and initiatives.

Informal Meetings ()

  • New Year Ball in the Palace 2004
  • Entrepreneurs Day Celebration

sushi master class and party, May 2006

  • Kiosaki business-games days-out
  • 4th Club Anniversary Celebration


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